The ‘No Heat’ Challenge

I have a confession to make…I am a blow-dryer addict!!

As much as I like to think that I take care of my hair pretty well, it’s time to come clean. I NEVER let my hair dry naturally.

I think my worst fear would be waking up one morning, washing my hair and finding the hairdryer broken.

I LOVE my hairdryer, we are friends, we share a mutual understanding…I invested in her, keep her nice and safe in my drawer, always clean the filter and in return she provides me with better looking hair than I actually have. Yes, my hairdryer is a female…who else would understand the need for a nice shiny voluminous blowout???


I like to think that on a scale of the bad things people do to their hair I fall somewhere in the 3-4 out of 10 range. I only wash my hair twice a week (my shower cap and I are also very close), I always use a wide tooth comb on wet hair, I apply a moroccan oil and very rarely do I use any heat tool on it besides my beloved hairdryer.

So where did I dream up this crazy ‘no heat’ challenge? Well you see, I let my hair dry naturally…oh the horror, THE HORROR!! What a horrible mistake! My hair did not fall into some beautiful natural face-framing golden cascade…no, instead it dried into a fuzzy straight-ish limp mess of a head-nest.


So here is my challenge…I am going to try to go one month without blowdrying my hair. Why you may ask? Well I want to see if there will be any improvement, not only in the head-nest I see right now but in my hairs texture and overall health.

Yes, this is going to cause a bit of a change.

Firstly I will have to wash my hair at night, not in the mornings…after years of ‘don’t leave the house with wet hair!’ drilled into me (thanks Mum) I just don’t think I could do it. Also, the mornings are getting colder and I don’t fancy a freezing head in the mornings.


Shampoo FAIL!

Secondly, over the last few weeks I’ve noticed a bit more hair breakage than normal so I’ve ditched the el-cheapo shampoo that I think is causing the issue (yeah thanks Miranda Kerr, Clear Shampoo…so not what it claims to be) and bought a strengthening shampoo by Midollo Di Bamboo. This is meant to reconstruct damaged and weak hair…here’s hoping!


Ok, so the challenge is on, anyone else willing to join me?? We can take this journey together (yes 4 weeks without a hairdryer is a journey). I can see some creative up-do’s and a lot of braids in the coming 4 weeks! I’m not quite brave enough to go au-natural hair down quite yet…who knows though, that might change by the end of the challenge. Here’s hoping!

Stay tuned for challenge updates!

Angie 🙂

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