Outfit of the day! Girly work dress

My ‘Quick Brown Fox’ dress and fun beige pumps helped to keep my happy today despite a horrific drive in to work. Can you imagine my horror when after an accident on the freeway, there was also an accident on Hoddle Street and then to my total frustration, another accident just before the Arts Centre (which is where I park most days).

I digress…

This type of outfit always manages to make me feel great. It is so easy to dress it up for work but yet it is still perfect for weekend brunches or even a night out, just pair it with flats and a longer cardi or killer heels with a fitted blazer and you’re good to go.

Now, be sure not to underestimate the value of your accessories, they can make or break your outfit.

For work I keep it simple, some gold stud earrings, a gold watch and my Tiffany ‘Bean’ necklace.

For a night out I would simply change the necklace for a longer statement piece and pair it with a big chunky bangle. The shoes and blazer would take care of ‘polishing up’ the look.

Any outfit requests let me know!


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